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Paragon Innovations Nears Completion of AES ASTech

by Patrick on November 1, 2011

Paragon is wrapping up its work on the ASTech for Automotive Electronic Solutions. The ASTech is a device that solves a problem plaguing small auto repair shops across the country. Each parent company that manufactures cars has a different proprietary software system in their vehicles’ on board computer systems. This can control things like climate control, power windows, windshield wipers, and ignition timing. As vehicles come to rely more and more heavily upon these computer systems, repairs are becoming more difficult for mechanics.

When something goes wrong with the computer, a mechanic must access the system and make changes to the software. The problem is that each brand requires their own specialized hardware and software to interact with the vehicle computer. This equipment is very expensive, and can often cost around $100,000 with annual subscription costs up to 1/3 of that. This overwhelming cost causes most repair shops to specialize in a very limited selection of brands.

The ASTech solves this problem by letting shops remote connect to real equipment housed at strategic locations around the country. Shops schedule an appointment, connect the car to the ASTech, and headquarters connects the car remotely to a real machine of the appropriate brand. This allows the shop to make any changes they need as though they had the expensive equipment in the shop with them. More good news, the ASTech service isn’t nearly as expensive either.

“This is a radical new approach to a well documented problem in the industry. Before, you would have to tow the car to a dealership, let them work on it, then send over two of your employees to go drive it back to your shop. That’s a lot of extra liability that this device completely eliminates.” said Walter McIntyre, Chief Operations Officer of AES. “Now the car doesn’t even have to leave your store.”

Paragon’s involvement in the ASTech project includes providing product development services including the industrial design for the product case, the electrical engineering required to make it work and prototyping, as well as the testing to ensure it was ready for full scale deployment.

To read more about this, read the full article: AES’s ASTech Gives Superpowers to Small Repair Shops

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