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Enjoying the Detours on the Road of Life

by Patrick on September 30, 2011

On this long winding road of life we see ups and downs, we have rough patches of unpaved road, and we are offered shortcuts. The best part of the road of life is the journey, but many people tend to choose the shortcuts because of how attractive they appear at the time. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have fun, but having an “I’m never drinking again!” morning every week can make you miss out on a lot.

Sometimes the shortcuts can be potentially huge like skydiving or doing motorcycle tricks on the highway, and sometimes they can just hug the inside of the turns like any of the myriad of activities that can give us cancer over time.

Medical technology helps to lower the speed limit and add detours. Outside of the metaphor, these things are usually frustrating, but think back and consider whether the detour wasn’t better than driving through the flooded road it led around. And what about the pleasant detours, like stopping at a state park or scenic overlook on the way?

Medical technology can let you experience things you never would have been able to without it. Playing with your pet despite your allergies, running a race again after weight loss treatments or surgeries, watching a grandchild’s school play thanks to a portable oxygen tank; these are all pleasant detours on the road of life thanks to advances and innovations in the medical field.

As you continue your adventure on the road of life, stop and smell the flowers, visit the parks, and look at it with an appreciation for how much better and longer it is thanks to medical technology.

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